Matthew Hartman, Practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration, has been a dedicated bodywork professional for 12 years, receiving his Rolf training at the The Guild for Structural Integration. 

Matthew is originally from Corvallis Oregon where he maintained a thriving practice and taught Advanced Methods of Bodywork classes. He has experience working with people of all ages, including children and elders, while taking a keen interest in scoliosis and chronic pain related conditions. Matthew's Rolf work is enhanced through his extensive training as an alignment-based yoga instructor and therapist. He is known for his gentle strength, personable nature and sensitive approach.

In his free time Matthew enjoys family time with his wife, Katie, daughter Izabella and son Gabrien. His hobbies and interests included yoga, mountain biking, cycling, functional fitness, gardening, backpacking and the beach.


"Since the 1970s I have not only included bodywork in my psychotherapeutic work, but also have had a lot of bodywork, and I mean a lot! What I have found most effective for restructuring and truly easing the body is Rolfing, also known as Structural Integration. We are fortunate to have Matthew Hartman, a master practitioner of this form of bodywork, now living in Ashland. My wife Diane and I go to Matthew most weeks, and are consistently happy with the results. Of all the Rolfers I've worked with, Matthew is right at the very top. If you're looking for something deeper and much more effective than massage, I highly recommend that you give Matthew a try." 
- Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, psychospiritual guide (with a doctorate in Psychology), relationship expert, and spiritual teacher whose work blends the psychological and physical/emotional with the spiritual.